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Artificial intelligence is stronger in the hands of experts

Expert systems can produce fast and precise results.

Expert systems are a subfield of artificial intelligence technology and offer many advantages. Artificial intelligence can be in the hands of experts:

High storage areas: Expert systems simulate expert knowledge and experience in a particular field. In this way, it can solve problems in special complex systems, identify or distribute resolutions.

Fast and precise results: Expert systems can produce fast and precise results. They can perform transactions of human experts faster and better.

Sharing expert information: Expert systems can be shared with a wide range of expert users. In this way, they can help non-experts among them to get high quality particles.

Continuous access: Expert systems work 24/7 and are always available. While human conditions may have time constraints, expert systems are always present.

Low error: Expert systems minimize human error and produce results. They can prevent errors that may arise from the human factor.

Cost and Time Savings: Expert systems can save time and cost in dispersed units. For example, an expert system can speed up the diagnostic process and prevent unnecessary testing from being completed.

These advantages allow the rich yield to spread in many areas and lead to widespread adoption of these systems. However, obtaining rich results may be limited, for example, solving some common complex problems, or they may not be able to see human parts.

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