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Deniz Dündar: Did Apple take an unfair advantage?

Why is Apple keeping quiet?

The dispute between Apple and the Turkish company was announced on Deniz Dündar, who is in the process of seeking rights with the technology giant, describes this process as follows:

Dear Tim Cook and Apple Admins,

For now, 15 million people are waiting for your explanation.

The more you remain silent, the greater this demand for disclosure will be.

Some of these people still can’t believe that Apple is making ‘dirty’ money or unfair profits by selling stolen products on Apple platforms.


Some think that   ChApple’ın  will be discouraged and become pessimistic and give up on it.

Some are on your side, like people who want the bad guys to win in movies; but they cannot openly say that they are on your side and by your side.

Some believe that what you did in the process was a serious crime and that your systematic indifference to obvious conflict was an act of deliberate bullying.

Some have sided with ChApple and continue to support it from day one. Of course, there are those who follow this subject for other reasons as well.

But most of the world is not aware of your shameful act and the arrogant attitude that followed.

However, as the ChApple movement grows, rest assured that more and more Apple users, employees and followers, and witnesses to this story, will turn their eyes to you.

Sooner or later you will have all the ears in the world.

When that day comes, don’t forget to start your press release as Apple with these sentences: “It is true that we at Apple sold stolen goods from December 2021 to May 2023; and it is true that we earn revenue from this sale.

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It is also true that we ignore the right and the victim for too long.

First of all, Apple apologizes to everyone in the world for your behavior and behavior.”


Dear Tim and Apple Decision Makers.

Even if you are a world giant of 3 trillion dollars, this reaction will grow like an avalanche and get support. The backlash and pressure will cause you to both apologize to everyone and take the necessary action to ensure that no company commits the aforementioned crime and that no company will ever show your arrogance to anyone or any company in the world again.

Because the world is bigger than Apple and the like.



By the way – 172nd post on ‘Chapple War’

Dear Tim,

The entire process, evidence and story is in the LinkedIn archive.

Those who are interested read the retrospective story.

In addition to your Apple lawyers, many journalists, screenwriters, writers and documentarians archive the process just in case, as per their professional instincts.

ChApple and ChApplers are in no rush.


Kind regards,



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