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Embracing Conscious AI: Towards Ethical Decision-Making in Artificial Intelligence

Conscious AI involves developing AI systems that not only possess advanced learning capabilities but also exhibit a level of ethical awareness and decision-making akin to human consciousness. R

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has recorded important information in recent years, revolutionizing various industries and transforming the way we live and work. However, as artificial intelligence becomes more integrated into our society, concerns about its decision-making capabilities and ethical consequences are emerging. This article proposes the concept of Conscious Artificial Intelligence, an approach aimed at focusing on equipping artificial intelligence systems with ethical reasoning and complex decision-making capabilities.

Conscious AI not only has advanced learning capabilities, but also includes AI development systems that make ethical planning and decisions at a level similar to human consciousness. Instead of relying solely on program-oriented rules and motives, Conscious Artificial Intelligence will have advisors to conduct complex orientation reasoning, build empathy, and make ethical choices.

The Basic Elements of Conscious Artificial Intelligence:

Ethical Frameworks: Covers elements such as conscious artificial intelligence, justice, transparency, accountability and respect for human values

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