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How do computer games affect social relationships?

While there are some benefits to playing games, there are also some risks.

Wired hands with joypad meaning videogame addiction

Computer and video games continue to be popular till today. Most gamers love to play, but there are concerns about the social use effects of games. While there are some benefits to playing games, there are also some risks.

The social effects of games have positive effects:

Socializing: Online games offer the opportunity to interact with people and make friends.
Responsibility: In some games, players are given social skills such as decision making and teamwork.
Connectivity: Provides opportunities to connect with friends and family remotely.

Adverse effects:

Addiction: The severity of gaming, social relationships, and changes in school/work status.
Isolation: People who play too much can cause them to disconnect from the real world.
Violence: Pro-violent attitudes may develop in the person for whom some games are violent.


Health Issues: Game streaming can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Playing a game for long hours can cause lack of physical activity, sleep disturbances and feeding problems. It can lead an individual’s life to obesity, heart disease, musculoskeletal problems and other health problems.

Social Isolation: Gaming increase, real-life social situations of the person can be negative. The player can step away from social activities and social interactions to play games. This can lead to social isolation and alienation from one’s friends and family.

Decline in Academic and Job Performance: The mood of the game, school or work status of the person may change negatively. It can interfere with long hours of playing, studying, or dedicating time to work tasks. Which can lead the individual to have low grades, failure, and poor job performance.

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Psychological Problems: The flow of the game can also change an individuals’s soul. Game addiction can lead to anxiety, aggression, anger problems, low self-esteem and social anxiety which can cause bad outcomes in life. Players can take shelter in games instead of dealing with the problems they experience in non-game life.

Financial Problems: Game flow, the person’s financial resources are also available. Game developer companies aim to get money at the end of the day, so they develop equipment and items that are considered as premium products. Money spent on in-game purchases, activities, and play equipment can expand one’s budget and lead to financial gain.

The temperature of the game is a serious problem from the negative effects of one’s living conditions, lifespan and temperatures. That’s why it’s important for people with gaming capacity to get support and cope with the water pressure.

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