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Interview: Tülay Ataman on Digital Parenting

Support, protect and guide your children in the digital world! Empower with the 'Digital Parenting' book

Interview: Tülay Ataman on Digital Parenting

Question: Hello Tülay Ataman, how did the idea of writing your book “Digital Parenting” come about? What kind of gap did you aim to fill with this topic?

Tülay Ataman: Hello! The idea of writing the book “Digital Parenting” emerged from the challenges and concerns parents face while raising children in today’s digital age. With the rapid advancement of technology and children spending more time in the digital world, parents are confronted with a new set of issues. With this book, I aimed to provide parents with information and guidance on how to navigate their children’s digital world in a healthier and safer manner.

Question: In your book, what topics did you focus on, and what practical tips do you offer to parents?

Tülay Ataman: In my book, I focus on topics such as children’s internet usage, social media, online safety, digital addiction, and screen time management. I provide parents with information on understanding the risks their children may encounter in the digital world and offer practical tips for taking precautions. Additionally, I share effective communication strategies and methods for setting boundaries to help parents guide their children in developing digital skills while ensuring their safety.

Question: What are the most common challenges in digital parenting? How can we overcome these challenges?

Tülay Ataman: One of the most common challenges is guiding children on how to use technology and ensuring their safe navigation in the digital world. Additionally, managing screen time, protecting against online dangers, and preventing digital addiction can also pose challenges. To overcome these challenges, it is important for parents to establish open communication with their children, explore the digital world together, and set boundaries. Furthermore, it is crucial for children to receive education on safe internet usage and develop a mindful approach towards technology.

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Question: Who is the target audience for your book, and what benefits do you hope to provide them?

Tülay Ataman: My book targets parents who have children or plan to have children, as well as educators and other interested individuals. The benefits I hope to provide through my book are equipping parents with the necessary knowledge and skills to help their children grow in a safe and balanced manner in the digital world. Additionally, I aim to alleviate parents’ concerns and empower them to feel more confident in navigating the realm of digital parenting.

Question: Lastly, what is the most important advice you would give us when raising our children in the digital world?

Tülay Ataman: My most important advice would be to teach our children how to use technology correctly and safely while ensuring their well-being. Effective communication, setting boundaries, and guiding children to develop a healthy relationship with technology are crucial. Moreover, educating our children about safe internet usage and maintaining open channels of communication are vital steps in protecting them from the risks of the digital world.

Thank you for your time, Tülay Ataman. I believe your book “Digital Parenting” will provide valuable insights to parents, and I wish you continued success in raising awareness and assisting parents in this field.

Tülay Ataman: Thank you. I will continue to do my best to raise awareness and support parents in this area. Dear readers, please visit my linkedin page to communicate with me.


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