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Normal and Curved monitors

Regular monitors and monitors are both types of computer screens, but they have obvious features in terms of design and functionality. Deciphering the differences between the two can help buyers choose the right type of monitor for their needs.


Normal monitors, also known as flat monitors, are the most common types of computer screens. The rectangular rendering is a flat computer set and was designed to provide a traditional and comfortable viewing experience. They are affordable prices to book and there are restrictions on a wide range of sizes, loads and aspect measures.


Curved monitors, on the other hand, have a geometric display that uses them to mimic the natural shape of the human eye. This provides a more immersive and panoramic viewing experience, ideal for gaming, video editing and other part visual. In addition, the indicator light design also consumes eye fatigue, as the eyes are constantly October from the consumption of flat screen adjustment.


We are between normal and low monitors

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