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Technology education starts in the family

Communicate openly with your children about the digital world. Explain the risks and security measures of the Internet.

Digital parenting is an approach that parents should follow to ensure that their children grow up in a more safe and healthy environment in the digital world. Here are some key points to consider in digital parenting:

Communication and Open Dialogue: Parents should communicate openly with their children about the digital world. They should explain the risks and security measures of the internet and importantly social media. Answer their childrens questions and follow up on their concerns about anything.

Setting Limits and Rules: Records and rules are set for the use children’s digital devices. For example, parents can limit screen time or block access to certain inappropriate content which is can be very dangerous for both children and parents.

Safe Internet Use: Parents can educate their children on safe internet use. They should provide information about secure websites and apps. And parents should explain how to avoid harmful content carefully.

Content Control: Parents should use filters and child protection software when content of their kids can access fails. This can help prevent inappropriate content towards children.

Be a Role Model: Parents can take a look at their own digital behaviors and set a good example for their own children. Reaching out to their children by using the internet responsibly can make the parents be a good role model towards their childen.

Learning About the Digital World: Parents should follow current technological trends and the digital world. This can help parents to stay at home and talk more about their own kids in an up-to-date way.

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Digital parenting plays an important role in ensuring that your children are safe and grow up healthy in the digital world. Every developmental disorder can be different, so communication and flexibility are important.

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