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The difference between a router and a modem

The router and the modem are the basic frameworks of the home network, but they serve different purposes. A modem is a device that directs the result to a network input, while a computer or network is a device connected to the Internet.


A modem is responsible for converting the signal received from an internet service provider (ISP) into a form that can be understood by a computer or network. This basically involves the conversion of its signal from an analog to a digital format. Various types of modems are available for use to work with certain types of internet connections, such as cable modems and DSL modems. After taking advantage of the modem data, it sends its effects, which distribute it throughout the network.


On the other hand, a negative is responsible for redirecting into a network. It receives the signal from the modem and then sends it to different devices connected to the network. The router also assigns IP addresses to each device, allowing them to establish a connection. It also provides a firewall to protect the network from external threats and provides specific rules for network rules and p

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