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What new business opportunities will be created by artificial intelligence developments?

Here are some of the potential business areas linked to artificial intelligence:


The development of artificial intelligence technology has created many new business opportunities and expects even more business opportunities to emerge in the future.

Here are some of the potential business areas linked to artificial intelligence:

1. Data Scientist: Artificial intelligence technologies offer significant opportunities in the field of big data analysis and data mining. Using these technologies, data scientists analyze datasets, uncover trends and obtain valuable information.

2. Machine Learning Specialist: Machine learning stands out as an area that forms the basis of artificial intelligence. Machine learning experts develop algorithms, train models, and design artificial intelligence systems.

3. Artificial Intelligence Engineer: Artificial intelligence engineers are interested in the design and development of artificial intelligence-based systems. These systems often have capabilities such as automated decision making, language processing, and image recognition.

4. Robot Programmer: Artificial intelligence, combined with robot technology, opens up new business opportunities in automation and robotics. Robot programmers program robots and enable them to perform complex tasks using their artificial intelligence capabilities.

5. Artificial Intelligence Consultant: Artificial intelligence consultants provide strategic consultancy to companies and organizations in the field of artificial intelligence. They offer expertise to determine how businesses will use artificial intelligence technologies and select appropriate applications.

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6. Ethics and Security Specialist: It is a fact that the use of artificial intelligence poses ethical and security problems. As such, ethics and security experts analyze how AI will affect thought systems that affect people, and work to identify the right guidelines.

Moreover, there are only some examples on this list, and artificial intelligence technology creates new business opportunities in many different sectors. The important thing is to understand how people can make the most of their artificial intelligence technologies and improve their skills in these areas.

1. Automotive Sector: With the rise of smart cars, new business opportunities are emerging for engineers and software developers working on autonomous driving technologies. These technologies, using artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms, enable cars to perceive their surroundings, make decisions and control driving.

2. Health Sector: Artificial intelligence plays an important role in the field of medicine. Institutions providing health services are turning to using artificial intelligence technologies in disease diagnosis and treatment processes. For example, artificial intelligence specialists are needed in areas such as analyzing radiology images, diagnosing patients and planning treatment.

3. Retail Sector: Developments in e-commerce and digital marketing platforms have led to the spread of artificial intelligence technologies in the retail sector. AI experts are needed for jobs like analyzing customer behavior, delivering personalized recommendations, and optimizing inventory management.

4. Finance Sector: Artificial intelligence is used to enable faster and more accurate decisions in the financial sector. Banks and financial institutions develop artificial intelligence-based systems in areas such as risk analysis, portfolio management and fraud detection. This offers new job opportunities to artificial intelligence engineers and financial experts.

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5. Agricultural Sector: Artificial intelligence is used to increase efficiency in the agricultural sector. Artificial intelligence technologies are needed in areas such as automatic operation of agricultural machinery, detection of plant diseases and efficient irrigation systems. Job opportunities are developing for agricultural engineers and experts working in these fields.

This is just a few examples, and there are many job opportunities in sectors connected to artificial intelligence technology. It will be possible for people to make the most of these opportunities by specializing in artificial intelligence and inter-sectoral collaborations.


1. Education Sector: Artificial intelligence technology can be used to understand the individual learning needs of students in education and to deliver customized educational content. Artificial intelligence experts and education consultants in this field can develop educational technologies and increase student success.

2. Logistics and Supply Chain: Artificial intelligence can be used to increase efficiency in logistics and supply chain management. For example, operations can be made more efficient by using AI-based systems in processes such as demand estimates, inventory management and automated routing.

3. Tourism and Travel Industry: Travel companies leverage artificial intelligence technology to provide customer service through chatbots, make travel plans and make hotel reservations. Artificial intelligence engineers and business analysts can work in this field to improve the customer experience.

4. Legal Sector: Artificial intelligence can be used in tasks such as automatic document analysis in the field of law, legal research, management of court cases. Law firms and public institutions can increase efficiency and reduce costs by using artificial intelligence technologies. Artificial intelligence experts and legal consultants can work in this field.

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5. Human Resources: Artificial intelligence technology can be used to optimize recruitment processes in human resources departments. Time and effort can be saved by using artificial intelligence-based systems in processes such as CV screening, candidate evaluation and interview follow-up. Recruiters and artificial intelligence engineers can work in this field.

6. Sports Analysis: Artificial intelligence can be used in the analysis of competitions in the field of sports. Artificial intelligence technologies are used to analyze team performance, evaluate player statistics and develop tactical strategies, especially in sports such as football and basketball. Sports analysts and data scientists can play important roles in this field.

These examples show that artificial intelligence creates new business opportunities in many different sectors. People who specialize in artificial intelligence and develop cross-sectoral skills can make the most of these opportunities.


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